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Our History 

Owner and CEO of SIGHT & SOUND AUDIO VISUAL INC., Deryl Garmon began his career many years ago as an audio-visual technician working for A-V departments at large hotels and convention centers. Deryl learned that beyond just having quality equipment and knowledgeable staff, a successful audio visual operation must be customer service-oriented. By being immersed in a hospitality-driven environment, he soon came to realize that although A-V departments may only represent a smaller percentage of a hotel or conference venue's overall revenue (compared to food and beverage and rooms), the A-V department represented a sizeable percentage of the venue's customer service interests. The A-V staff were usually the first to greet a venue's client in the morning and one of the last to see them at the end of the day. It was in this environment that Deryl foresaw his future.  

In 2002, SIGHT & SOUND AUDIO VISUAL INC., was born and became the first minority owned A-V Company in Sacramento, California. Deryl's goal was to take what he learned about hospitality from hotels and apply it to his service philosophy. Since then, SSAV has grown from a single person owner-operation, to a full service shop providing audio visual equipment, rental services for hotels, businesses, and private parties both locally and nationwide.  



Sight & Sound Audio Visual is Sacramento's premier audio-visual and event production company.

We are a full service agency supplying creative conference solutions and state-of-the-art equipment rentals for hotels, businesses, and private parties both locally and nationwide.

We work closely with several Chambers of Commerce, Association Management, and Meeting Planning professionals all over the country to provide a dynamic, cost effective, and personalized audio-visual production services. Our experienced team of technicians will ensure that your events are flawlessly executed and your message is delivered with maximum impact.

Projector Man!

One of our first marketing efforts was Projector Man. Can you guess who played the caped crusader? 



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