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Your custom contract invoice has been prepared exclusively for you and is binding with or without signature of client if acceptance is implied verbally or in written format to an authorized Sight & Sound Audio-Visual, Inc. (SSAV) representative. However, no equipment or labor will be guaranteed without client's signature and payment information. Any concessions or reduced rates are for this contract invoice exclusively and assume acceptance of our standard Cash or Check C.O.D./Prepayment terms. Late payments may be subject to standard list pricing (non discounted).  All pricing is subject to change with or without notice and any special pricing based on size of order is subject to revision if equipment volume or scope of order is modified. If the statutes of the contract are dishonored, customer may be liable for compensation to SSAV of any discounts up to the full "rack rate" rental value. Any modifications to the order at time of event or within 24 hours of event are subject to standard daily rates (non-discounted). All labor is non-negotiable and will be billed for any time worked at prevailing rates. Unless otherwise quoted, labor quotation presumes installation and removal of supplies and services in a timely manner (as determined by our project manager for your event) and no requirement to re-set between events (24-hour room hold). Client is liable for any destruction, damage, theft, or loss of rented supplies and equipment up to and including the full replacement cost of the supplies and equipment and any associated transportation or labor charges. Unless specified in the quotation, client is responsible for charges related to operating at event venue including, but not limited to, room rental, shipping and storage, power charges, patch fees, union labor, and service charges. Any cancellations of equipment or services require Two Week's WRITTEN notice prior to load in/set up. Cancellation must be confirmed, in writing, by SSAV to avoid charges. Any credit due for equipment or services (for any reason) may never exceed our charged value of the equipment or services to be credited. If order is confirmed and modification or cancellation occurs, client will be billed for actual costs incurred which may include the full non-discounted value of the original quotation. Once equipment has been set up charges cannot be reversed.

No variation, alteration or waiver of these conditions shall be of any effect unless made in writing and signed by a Director of SSAV. Sight & Sound Audio Visual, Inc. is not bound by any warranty or representation other than as contained in these conditions. 

These conditions shall prevail over the Customer's standard terms of contract in all cases and circumstances whatever (unless otherwise provided herein) and no term in the Customer's standard terms of contract to the contrary or inconsistent effect to these conditions shall have any force. 

All contents of your order, including but not limited to, pricing, cover sheet text and intellectual property are privileged, confidential and protected as trade secret information. Any distribution, dissemination, or alteration without the express written permission of an Authorized Sight & Sound Audio-Visual, Inc. Account Representative is Prohibited. 

Rain or Shine / Inclement Weather Policy: Once your order is confirmed, our equipment and labor staff have been guaranteed for your event. In many cases, this may mean equipment and labor were made unavailable for other bookings and/or we must pay a premium for last minute labor and equipment for other bookings. Therefore, our policy for outdoor events which may be affected by weather coincides with our standard cancellation policies. Cancellations require 2 weeks advance notice from our load in date in order to be eligible for full refund. Any costs associated with work prior to load in, equipment shipping, and custom order items are still billable. Regarding Inclement weather, acts of God, War, political unrest, or other forces beyond our control, if cancellation is received in writing with more than 72 

hours’ notice from the time our staff begins pulling equipment, charges may still be able to be refunded. With less than 72 hours’ notice, charges will apply in full.

Photo/Video Disclosure:  From time to time we capture images and videos of our work to use in our marketing materials, show potential clients creative ideas, and provide reference to our employees and partners.  We take the utmost care in ensuring that our client’s confidential information is never captured in these images. By signing your contract, you are also agreeing that the images and videos captured during your event may be used in the manner stated above.  We’d be happy to provide you with any of the photos used. If you would like to opt out of this section of the agreement, please notify your Sales Manager and we will respectfully accept your request.

© 2018 Sight & Sound Audio-Visual Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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